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Wake on LAN (WOL) issue

Today I helped a Customer with SCCM 2007 configuration for WOL. There are a lot of good articles how to do it out there – for example this blog. But there are a lot of variables related to WOL – BIOS settings, drivers and firmware version on Client side, configuration on SCCM side and network itself, of course. In our case the problem popped up on the switch – the Customer had port speed hardcoded to 1GB and apparently that did not allow Intel 82567-L3 cards to connect in power saving mode (it looks like it can lower speed in power saving mode and you can see the settings in 32-bit version of ProSet tool, but you cannot install it on 64-bit machine unfortunately). We fixed WOL by setting switch ports (and NIC settings) to auto negotiation. As soon as it has been done we observed network activity on NIC (in power off mode) and we could successfully wake up the machines using SCCM.

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