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Monthly Archives: July 2012

SCCM 2012: Hierarchy Monitoring detected that the ConfigMgr SQL Server <SQL_Name> ports 1433,4022, are not active on Firewall exception


ConfigMgr logs the error even though Windows Firewall is disabled or it is enabled and all exceptions are added to SQL Server(s).

Environment: I had an environment  consist of a two node SQL Cluster hosting ConfigMgr database and a separate ConfigMgr primary site server


Windows firewall service must be started on both SQL nodes and ConfigMgr itself . As soon as the service is started exceptions for TCP 1433 and 4022 must be added to SQL nodes firewall. After that the firewall profiles can be disabled using:

netsh advf set allp state off

Client Push – HTTP 401 (Access Denied) on WEBDAV access to SCCM


Push SCCM 2012 Client to XP SP3 machines with prerequisites installed from my Win2k8R2 SCCM Server. The installation fails with HTTP error 401 (access denied).  I double checked my Network Access Account, tried to log in on a problem machine using it. Security Event Log is clean on SCCM Server.



We added the following accounts with permissions to the ACL for \\…\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client folder


IUSR                    <READ>

restarted IIS using iisreset

After that Push installation started successfully.