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SCCM 2012: Preparing XP gold image

1. Prepare VM (on VMWare Workstation 8.0)

– VM type: Windows XP

– HDD: SCSI (check .vmdk file to verify SCSI type is set to BusLogic)

– Network adapter E1000 ( enter ethernetN.virtualDev = "e1000"  in VM configuration (.vmx) file. N is the adapter index, if there is only one adapter it will be 0)

2. Prepare SCCM boot image.

– Extract SCSI drivers from wimndows.iso in VMWare Workstation installation folder

– Add the drivers to 32-bit image

3. Prepare Driver package

– Create n empty Driver Package

– Add SCSI drivers to the package

– Download drivers from Intel site (Prowin32.exe)

– Extract drivers to a temp folder and import them to the prepared Driver Package. Note: (some drivers are for Windows 8 and will give you an error).

4. Prepare Deployment Tool Package

– Extract \Support\Tools\  to a tem folder

-Create a package using the temp folder as a source (we do not need any Program)

5. Create a package containing Software Updates for XP and Deploy it to a collection containing the reference machine (otherwise “Install Updates” step won’t work

6. Prepare Task Sequence:

– Add a TS variable OSDDiskpartBiosCompatibilityMode=TRUE to workaround Uberbug issue


-Add Apply Driver Package Step to apply VMWare drivers for XP


Note: If you use a Hyper-V based machine you do not need any additional drivers (but still need Uberbug step and a package for Deployment tools)

Note. As soon as the image is captured remove the .wim file from the destination folder. SCCM cannot manage situation when the destination file is already exists and the TS will fail if you will decide to recapture the image.

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