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Install SCCM on a Workgroup machine(s) using PSEXEC

Sysinternals (now Microsoft) offers a tool for remote management called PSEXEC. It is a part of Microsoft PSTools and can be downloaded from here:

One of my Clients recently needed to install SCCM client on a number of Workgroup machines.

The tool can be used for that. I slightly modified scripts I found here and here is the result:

I am using my ConfigMgr where I logged on as SCCMADMIN for this purposes.

1. Be sure you can resolve your Workgroup Machine name either via DNS or WINS or (in my case, good for test – just a hosts file)


2. Be sure you have an account with Local Administrator permissions on the Workgroup Machine. Ideally you may have an account with the same name as your domain account (in my case SCCMADMIN) and the same password. In this case you do not need to provide it in PSEXEC options.


3. Firewall should allow File and Print Sharing and Windows Remote Administration on the Workgroup machine (we are going to connect to it remotely!)


4. Now we are ready for some scripting. We will need three files:

      a. SCCM_Clients.txt  – a list of Workgroup computers we are going install SCCM Client to

      b. Start.bat  command file – to read the list and initiate execution

rem =======================

for /F %%a IN (sccm_clients.txt) DO call data.bat %%a

rem =======================

       c. Finally data.bat execution file itself. There is some logic in the script – it checks if CCMSETUP folder is already on the machine to avoid multiple install. I added DNSSUFFIX parameter to ccmsetup command line and hardcoded SCCM MP location (since workgroup machine cannot get from AD). DNSSETUP should be enough to get it from DNS, but if the workgroup machine won’t go to AD DNS for some reasons it won’t find it. So I hardcoded it to be on safe side.

rem ===========================
IF NOT EXIST “\\%1\c$\” GOTO noaccess
IF EXIST “\\%1\c$\” GOTO found

Echo %1 is off>>results.txt

Echo Found on %1>>results.txt
psexec \\%1 cmd /c “md c:\ccmtemp”
xcopy /Y /s \\<SCCCM_SERVER_NAME>\SMS_TOR\Client \\%1\c$\ccmtemp
psexec \\%1 -s c:\ccmtemp\ccmsetup.exe /service /mp  <Sccm_Server_Name> SMSSITECODE=TOR

Echo Not on %1>>results.txt

rem ===========================

Note: DNSSUFFIX switch must be on the same line as ccmsetup commund

5. I started a command line (As Administrator) navigated to a folder where I put my scripts (assuming PSEXEC is available from that command line) and started Start.bat (as you can see I have Echo ON for debugging purposes, so the output a bit chatty:


6. As soon as the Client is installed and contacted MP I can see it my SCCM console. I need to Approve it (since I have Automatic Approval for Domain Clients only)


7. Now client can be managed. I can deploy Apps and use remote connection Tool Smile




P.S. On MMS 2013 one of presenters mentioned it is not necessary to use Boundaries Group for site assignments. In my case I needed to add Site assignment; otherwise the client could not read policies. So probably it is still necessary:


Another note: SCCM Client Source files are copied to a local drive before installation; you may decide to create an SCCM program to remove the folder as soon as the machine is manageable

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