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SCSM: Self-Service Portal pages are blank

I installed a Self-Service Portal for SCSM, but all pages are blank (menu is there Smile )

It turned out be a certificate issue. In the test environment I created a self-signed cert using IIS Certificate Wizard. The Wizard created a certificate for FQDN, but in Application Settings SharePoint uses NETBIOS name of the server. As a result the Portal cannot connect to Content Web Server.



I believe there are several ways to resolve it:

Method one:   Create a self-signed cert for NETBIOS name of the server.

Method Two: Change Aplication Settings for Portal to match name of the Content server on its certificate (change it to FQDN if cert uses it)


Method three (I used): Issue a certificate with NetBIOS name of the server as CN and FQDN as SAN. Assign the certificate to both Portal web site and Web Content Web site.

Do not forget to restart web site after that (or IIS).

Good luck.

2 responses to “SCSM: Self-Service Portal pages are blank

  1. Uttam November 5, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Hi Alex, I am having the exact issue and tired with last 2 days of investigation to find a wayout. For Method 3, which you followed, what are the steps you followed in detail. Can you please describe here…


  2. alex416 November 5, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Hi, here are the details:

    1. Create a certificate with Subject name set to a NETBIOS name of the server (short name) and Subject Alternative NAme (SAN) set to FQDN of the server. Please read Microsoft Article for details how to create a certificate with SAN
    2. Put your new certificate to Local machine store on the Portal Server
    3. Open IIS manager and go to Bindings for both Portal Site and Web Content web site. Assign your new certificate there.

    Restart IIS, so it can use the newly assigned certificate for SSL connection


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