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2012 R2 Cluster: “Validate Storage Spaces Persistent Reservation” test failed with warning


I recently installed a Failover Cluster on two 2012 R2 nodes with 3PAR SAN storage. Cluster verification tool failed with a single abovementioned warning. Drilling down to the report I found:

Failure. Persistent Reservation not present on Test Disk 0 from node <<MY_SERVER_FQDN>> after successful call to update reservation holder’s registration key 0xb.

Test Disk 0 does not support SCSI-3 Persistent Reservations commands needed to support clustered Storage Pools. Some storage devices require specific firmware versions or settings to function properly with failover clusters. Please contact your storage administrator or storage vendor to check the configuration of the storage to allow it to function properly with failover clusters.

Important to note the validation failed in “Validate Storage Spaces Persistent Reservation” test. Google search brought an article from Microsoft  Clustering Team Blog:

The bottom line: if you are not planning to use Storage Spaces (introduced with Server 2012) in your cluster – the warning can be safely ignored. Otherwise storage firmware and drivers should be updated.


Here is a quote from the article:

“Question:  What should I do when I get this warning?

Check the disks that are identified in the warning message and verify whether you will ever want to use those disks with Storage Spaces.

If you want to use the disks with Storage Spaces on the cluster, then you should check your storage configuration and documentation to see if there are settings or firmware/driver versions required to support clustered storage spaces.  

If you aren’t going to use Storage Spaces with this cluster and storage, and the other storage validation tests indicate the tests passed, then you can ignore this warning.”

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