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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Azure: StoreSimple videos

Channel 9 published a nice set of videos dedicated to installation/configuration of StoreSimple devices. It is September 2015 between 2nd and 8th.


StorSimple and disaster recovery

Create a StorSimple virtual device

StorSimple Manager service overview

StorSimple reports and support options

Expand a StorSimple volume

Create StorSimple backup policies

Take a StorSimple backup

Mount, initialize, and format a StorSimple volume

Create a StorSimple volume

Create a volume container in your StorSimple solution

Minimum StorSimple device setup

Initialize the StorSimple appliance

Get the service registration key

Create a StorSimple Manager service

Intune: Microsoft Application links for IOS and Android

Joe Kuster compiled a list of links we can use with Intune to populate Corp Portal with MS apps. Thank you Joe!


Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft OneDrive:

Microsoft OneNote for iPhone:

Microsoft OneNote for iPad:

Microsoft Intune Managed Browser:

Work Folders:

OWA for iPhone:


RD Client:

Sunrise Calendar:

Office Lens:

OneDrive for Business:

Office 365 Admin:

Office 365 Message Encryption Viewer:

SharePoint Newsfeed:

Office Sway:

Dynamics CRM:

Azure Authenticator:



Office Delve:

RMS Sharing:

Office 365 Video:



Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft OneDrive:

Microsoft Intune Managed Browser:

Microsoft Intune PDF Viewer:

Microsoft Intune Image Viewer:

Microsoft Intune AV Player:

Microsoft Office Hub:

Office Lens:

Microsoft Account:

Sunrise Calendar:



Remote Desktop Client:

Lync 2013:

Office Remote:

Keyboard for Excel:

OWA for Android:

Office 365 Admin:



SCCM: Intune and SCCM–ways to do MDM

found a nice article on Technet clearly explaining when you may want integrate Intune and SCCM and when use Intune as a standalone product:

Windows 10: Manage built-in applications

Nice article about installation/removing built-in Windows 10 Apps:

Azure: How to add W10 VM


Our company has MPN subscription to Azure. For some reasons Microsoft decided not to add Windows 10 template to Gallery and I needed to do it manually.

Josh Heffner has a nice description of the process.

I created a 10GB OS disk. It is quicker to download, but VM disk need to be expanded. I used the following procedure to resize the VM OS disk;

NOTE: I am using version 0.9.7 of Powershell Azure Module. Earlier versions may not support the disk resize.

Assuming Azure PS model is already installed.

1. I sign-in with my Microsoft account using Add-AzureAccount

2. Checked my Subscriptions using Get-AzureSubscription

3. Select subscription using Slelect-AzureSubscription “Microsoft Partner Network”

4. Check available disks using Get-AzureDisk | ft Label, AttachedTo, DiskName –AutoSize

5. Extend OS disk of my windows 10 VM using Update-AzureDisk –DiskName <DISKNAME> –ResizedSizeInGB 120 –label TinyVMOS

Note. The VNM must be in “StopppedDeallocated” state. You can Shutdown VM from Azure Console or from Powershell. Shutdown from OS itself is not enough.

Note 2: It tool 10 min between shutdown and the moment powershell command recognized that and proceeded resizing.