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Internet explorer 11: Home Page setup via GPO

A customer asked me to create a GPO for IE11. One of the requirements was to lock a home page to local Intranet site, but allow users to add their own secondary home pages in new tabs.

With IE11 GPO ADM installed we have two ways to set up home page

1. Using Internet Explorer settings from ADM:


and a similar policy for the secondary page.

The issue here – if we lock the home page a user won’t be able to add secondary home page – the settings will be greyed out

2. Using IE10 preference (IE10 preference are compatible with IE11+ as per )

DO NOT FORGET to press F5 after you add a site name in home page field!


In this situation the primary home page will be enforced and the user will be able to add secondary page, BUT the user settings will be saved until GPO refresh which will revert everything to the state set in Preferences



I left both IE Settings and preferences in ‘Not Configured’ state and created a custom Registry preference to populate ‘Start Page’ value under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main key with URL of the Intranet site. That will enforce primary home page and leave custom secondary pages unchanged.



Here are the IE settings on a Client machine:


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