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Azure: Azure Site Recovery (ASR). Virtual Network is NOT assigned to a migrated machine.

I set up ASR to protect my VMWare-based VM and tried to use “Test-Failover” to verify the machine can be successfully restored.


The “Test-Failover” wizard has only one question – what Virtual Network use to restore the VM (it is not recommended to use a Production networks since this is the test).


so I selected my ASR-failover-test network and start the Test Failover.

When the VM was restored and started I assigned a RDP endpoint (another surprise, even though the machine is created endpoints are not set by default).

When I RDPed to the VM I found assigned IP is from a random 100.x.x.x range, not from the VNet I indicated.

From several troubleshooting attempts I opened a case with Microsoft.



For unknown reasons, after you set up a Protection Group and add a VM to protect to this group you need to go to Configuration Tab in Properties of that VM and set up ANY Microsoft Azure Vnet there manually (by default it is set to “Not Connected”


Save the settings and wait for operation to complete.


After that if you select a VNET in “Test Failover” Wizard that VNET will be assigned properly and a VM will get a proper IP.

Thank you Microsoft for the help.

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