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SCCM: Side-by-side migration. Changing Site for Clients.

I do site migrations for my Customers from time to time. Most often SCCM 2007/2012 to SCCM CB. The procedure is well documented and in generally works well. But the last step – move SCCM Clients from the old site to the new site is not very clear.

What I normally did is using Jason Sandys’ startup script ( re-install am SCCM Client with the new site code. But that always looked like a bit too much for me.

These days I am participating IT/DEV Connection conference and raised this scenario for panel of SCCM experts we have here. Here is the main points of the discussion:

1. Do not use SCCM ADMX template in GPO to change SCCM code only. Sometimes does not wrk, just breaks the client.

2. Jason’s script is probably the best way to re-point the client for today

3. Wally also mentioned we can create a package for a NEW client with the new site code on the OLD SCCM and deploy it. That will update the Client binaries and repoint it the same time.

4. Some people recommended to manage site assignment via site Boundaries (in this case we should separate boundaries for old and new SCCM). But as far as I remember it is not recommend even by MS itself.

So the bottom line is: after side-by-side migration we need to reinstall the Client using either Jason’s script above or method recommended by Wally.

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