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SCCM: Package 00004 distribution failed

I installed a DP in SCCM 1702 infrastructure. Packages <site code>00003 and 00004 failed to be distributed.

00003 is easy, it is SCCM Client PAckage and it can be re-distributed from SCCM console.

00004 is trickier – it is invisible in the console.

I found two solutions on the Internet:

1: Redistribute a certain package to DP using PowerShell:

script by MichaelW506

$SiteCode = "XXX"
$PackageID = "XXX00003"
     $distpoints = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "root\SMS\Site_$($SiteCode)" -Query "Select * From SMS_DistributionPoint WHERE PackageID='$PackageID'"
        foreach ($dp in $distpoints)
                $dp.RefreshNow = $true

2.  a method suggested by Hau

1. Open an empty notepad and save it as client.acu
2. Copy the client.acu to the inboxes\ folder at the top-level site
3. Monitor the hman.log to check whether the Client Upgrade package gets updated

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