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Azure: Azure File Sync–registered servers are offline

I am working with Azure File Sync service, it is GA last week and I have a Customer who requires a scenario where AFS can fit.

I tested workgroup servers with AFS in my Lab and everything was ok. After that I decided to check ACL transfer for domain machines. So I brought a DC and joined the servers to the domain. It was working and I successfully tested ACL transfer .

I finished tests, stopped VMs.

Today I started them back and found my AFS Service shows both servers offline and Server end-point Health is in Error state. I tried to restart services, reboot etc.. nothing helped. I tried to remove endpoint – the task failed with time out. Finally I succeeded to unregister one of servers and  re-install Storage Sync Client on it; rebooted and re-register. It came back nice and green.

So took a look at the dashboard and found the server name is changed to FQDN for the fixed server, but still a NETBIOS for the server who is offline state.

I guess if the server name changed, or a server is added to a domain the AFS client should be reinstalled…


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