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Azure: App Service cannot connect to vnet-base VM

Bumped into unusual issue today:

I do have a SQL Reporting Services VM on one of my Azure Vnets. I also have several App Services (Web Applications ) connected to it. Normally when I set up VNet integration for App Service Azure creates a P2S SSL VPN and routes, and ranges to the tunnel. An everything works fine.

I created a new App Service and configured it for Vnet Integration. Surprisingly the app was not able to connect to SSRS.

I ran Kudu debug console and found tcpping from the App to SSRS failed.

It turned out during P2S VPN creation Azure for some reasons added only qnd (???) as the tunnel destination.

Resolution: I added IP address of my SSRS to the table and successfully connected to the Web Service of my SSRS. I guess that happened because I an using hub-and-spoke for my vnet. The only question why it was working before for other App Services  Smile


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