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SCCM: Third-party Updates download failed with: “Error: Failed to download content ID XXXXXXX. Error: The thread is not in background processing mode”

I rebuilt my SCCM 1811 TP Lab and decided to offload WSUS content folder from my SCCM server. I put it on a file server where I do have my SCCM Source folders. Microsoft Updates worked just fine, but when I  tried to download an Adobe Update (used new SCCM Third-party Update support) I got “Error: Failed to download content ID <ID of my  update>. Error: The thread is not in background processing mode.


I checked Advanced settings of my WSUS App Pool and found the content share was registered incorrectly (“\\”  was missed) and content subfolders were not accessible.


so I fixed this issue firs (added “\\” before the server name and immediately could see the sub-folders.


Unfortunately that was not enough to resolve the issue. Luckily I found an article on Shavlik forum discussing similar issue.

So, for my Adobe update package I switch download settings from “Download Software Updates from Internet”


to “Download software updates from a location on my network”


This is weird – my old SCUP was working perfectly fine without that, but it looks like SCCM feature works differently now. Anyway, as soon as I did that my Adobe update was downloaded successfully:



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