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SCCM: Edge Chromium installation failed with 1(1x)

With SCCM (MEMCM) 1910 we can create Edge deployment directly from SCCM console the same way as O365 (even though the old .MSI is still working).

Sounds like a nice idea. I created a deployment (here is a nice outline: and saw a new Application “Edge Deployment” under Applications node in SCCM.

I refreshed computer policies on a Client and manually started “Edge Deployment” Application installation from Software center. It miserably failed.

After digging fresh logs I found:

in AppEnforce.log

Unmatched exit code (1) is considered an execution failure

Long story short: Microsoft uses a PowerShell script for the .msi installation. Even though the script is signed, the default Powershell Execution POlicy (Restricted) does not allow that. So you need either relax the policy to “Remote Signed” at least or add –ExecutionPolicy Bypass clause to the installation command in your deployment type(s) like this:


After that update machine policy on your test client and start the installation again. At least that fixed the issue for me.

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