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Hyper-V: Snapshot all VMs on a host

I am an MCT and sometimes need to prepare a class for training. Microsoft provides Hyper-V – based VMs for that and I need to use snapshots to be able safely recover VMs if a student will go too far Smile

Microsoft recommends to do it one by one from GUI.

I found PowerShell is much better: as soon as all VMs are ready I just run:

Get-VM | CheckPoint-VM –SnapshotName  StartingImage

That makes snapshots on all VMs and names them “StartingImage” (so I do not need to rename them Winking smile )

Looks like an easy thing, but save a lot of time.


Hyper-V 2008 R1: Best Practice

Found advices from Roger Osborne on Premier Field Engineers blog:

Server 2012: Hyper-V on Gigabyte P67X-3DR

I am updating my home Lab to Server 2012. As a part of upgrade one of my Hyper-V hosts got the new OS. As soon as I enabled Hyper-V role it rebooted and sit forever showing me nice new windows logo (no logon screen).


I found resolution here. USB3 controller should be disabled in BIOS. Hopefully Gigabyte will fix it in later BIOS updates.

From this forum it looks like Windows 8 with Hyper-V role is affected too!