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USMT: Archive viewer

Mike Morawski wrote a nice wrapper for Migercover tool to browse .MIG files created by USMT/EasyTransfer. I am using that to check what exactly will be copied and tune up the config files.

The tool can be downloaded from Mike’s blog here:

Please note, Mike is talking about USMT3/4 and the tool was not updated for a while. But it works for my USMT 10 at least for the current version 10.0.16299.15.

SCCM: Use CSV file to introduce a new machine to SCCM


Most commonly CSV file is used in the following format (optional SMSBIOS GUID is omitted between two commas):



We can actually add headers to get it more readable



If you are planning to use the new machine in REPLACE scenario with USMT you can create necessary association automatically by adding an old computer name to the CSV. Do not forget to capture user data from that old computer before you try to restore them to the new one! Smile

Name,SMBIOS GUID,MAC Address,Source Computer



Note: if you use headers in CSV file do not forget to select the checkbox in Import Wizard: