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2012 R2: File Server Cluster migration (mounting points disappear)


I helped one of our Customers with a File Server Cluster migration. The procedure is described in

The source Cluster was 2008 R2 and were migrating to 2012 R2. backend storage – 3PAR. It was ~50 LUNs to migrate and some of them were connected as mounting points to save letters (see more:

After migration we saw some mounting points disappeared. It turned out the mounting point folders got Hidden and System attributes assigned for some reasons. An attempt to reset the attributes was unsuccessful. Attrib command finished without errors, but attributes remained assigned Smile

In order to fix the situation we needed to unmount the mounting point, use attrib –S –H <<folder>>  to clear attributes and mount the point back to the folder. That brought the mounting points back to (visible) life.

Server 2012: Failover Cluster configuration – HA File Share cannot see source path

File Server is one of the roles for Microsoft Failover Cluster. There is a convenient GUI wizard to add and configure the role.

Issue: When you create an HA share on File Server Cluster resource you cannot add any path to host it.

Resolution: Either run Failover Cluster management console from the node currently hosting File Server resource storage, or move the File Server resource to get Failover Cluster Management Console and the storage on the same node.

Note: I observed the issue on a full GUI version of the Server, interesting how it works with core and remote console?