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MDT: Install Windows 10


Windows 10 installation miserably fails with MDT 2013 (dism is not compatible). An unsupported workaround is here

MDT 2012 Upd 1: Deploy to VHD

What this feature do? As per Michael’s post here it:

  • Format and partition the physical disk.
  • Create a new, empty VHD file.
  • Format and partition the VHD file.
  • Apply the specified operating system WIM image to a volume created in the VHD file.
  • Set up a BCD entry to boot from the OS volume contained in the VHD file.

Driver Packs for SCCM OSD

Placeholder for Driver Pack collections for SCCM OSD

Lenovo: Lenovo forum

Dell: Dell Enterprise Client Wiki

HP: Deploymentresearch Blog

Setting resolution in WinPE 4.0

Windows 8 uses a new version of WinPE. Apparently the Winpe4.0 does not support 16-bit color depth anymore. So to change resolution you have to add the following to your unattend.xml:



The solution is found here