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Server 2012: RDS deployment failed with: “Unable to connect to the server by using windows powershell remoting”

I tried to install an RDS on one of my 2012 servers.

Installed Session host and WEB server for Remote Apps using Sever manager-Add Role-RDS (that was a bad idea;  you need to use a separate Wizard from “Add Roles and Features Wizard”, not just add RDS role)


After that I figured out I do not have management tools for RDS Smile

So I started the required Wizard. It tried to install Broker and failed with the above mentioned error.

I double checked I have Enable-PSRemoting ran. Still the same error.

I found a thread discussing the issue ( one of posts (not marked as an answer) says:

After working for weeks with M$ Support level 2 and higher on this issue below is the fix and reason for the issue.

In a PS Shell

Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Shell\MaxMemoryPerShellMB 1000

then reboot

The default remote shell is allotted 150MB of memory. If we have Sharepoint/IIS App pool on the server then this memory is not sufficient to create a remote session (This is used mostly while installing any roles on windows server 2012) . Therefore by running that command we have enabled the remote shell to use 1000mb which will  provide more memory  to windows powershell to make remote sessions and resolve the issue.

I tried that and still got the error (but maybe it was a part of resolution).

After that I thought about my environment – I have two forests with two-way trust between them and I use my “management forest account” which is domain admin in the “demo” forest where I am installing the RDS. I decided to use an account from the “demo” forest instead and successfully installed RDS at this time.


Use admin account from the same forest were I installed RDS. Foreign forest account did not work regardless two–way trusts and admin permissions in the target domain.