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SCCM: Replace Collection ID with Collection Name in report


One of my Customers asked me to create a customized report for his environment. A standard SCCM report for Software registered in Add or Removed Programs for a specific collection fit perfectly as a base, but I wanted to replace Collection information in the report (originally it is Collection ID, but I guessed the Customer would prefer a Collection Name).

My knowledge of SQL reporting is limited, but with help of Sherry Kissinger I ended up with the following result:

SELECT arp.DisplayName0, Count(Distinct arp.ResourceID) AS ‘Count’, arp.Publisher0, arp.Version0, col.collectionid, COL.Name as CollectionName
FROM fn_rbac_Add_Remove_Programs(@UserSIDs)  arp
JOIN fn_rbac_FullCollectionMembership(@UserSIDs)  fcm on arp.ResourceID=fcm.ResourceID
JOIN v_Collection COL ON fcm.CollectionID = COL.CollectionID
WHERE fcm.CollectionID = @CollID
GROUP BY DisplayName0, Publisher0, Version0, col.collectionid,
ORDER BY Publisher0, Version0

That gave me the report I looked for (of course Collection ID column can ber removed now and some other will be added):


SCCM: List of SQL views you may need for SCCM CB (1602) custom reports

SCCM 2012: Cannot start reports from Admin console

Problem: I cannot start reports from admin console (neither starting it a normal user nor “As Administrator”. I can access reports via Web interface though.


Event viewer (Application log):

Event ID: 1

Level: Error

Source: critical

System.IO.FileNotFoundException\r\nCould not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.ReportViewer.WinForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.\r\n   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.SrsReporting.ReportViewerWindowsForms..ctor()
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.SrsReporting.LaunchReportFormViewControl.InitializeComponent()
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.SrsReporting.LaunchReportFormViewControl..ctor()
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.SrsReporting.LaunchReportDialog.InitializeReportControl()
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.SrsReporting.LaunchReportDialog..ctor(Tag tag)
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.SrsReporting.Actions.ShowReport(IReport report, IReportServer reportServer, IResultObject resultObject)
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.SrsReporting.Actions.LaunchReport(Object formView, ScopeNode scopeNode, ActionDescription actionDescription, IResultObject resultObject, PropertyDataUpdated propertyDataUpdated, Status status)\r\n


Resolution:  I installed a Report Viewer 2010 and reports are available now.