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SCCM: Vulnerability Assessment Configuration Pack

Available for IIS, SQL and Windows OS itself.

Can be downloaded here  more details in SCCM team blog.

Server 2012: Remote Desktop access–“Insert smart card”

Issue: You try to RDP to a Windows Server 2012. There is no place to type a password on Logon page. There is a message “Insert smart card” instead even though Smart Card authentication is not configured.

Resolution: Log on locally with Administrator credentials. Remove profile of the user you logged on as. Try to RDP again to recreate the profile.


Note: it looks like the issue occurres only if you logged with your account locally first. Account with profile created during RDP session are not affected.

SCCM 2012: Hierarchy Monitoring detected that the ConfigMgr SQL Server <SQL_Name> ports 1433,4022, are not active on Firewall exception


ConfigMgr logs the error even though Windows Firewall is disabled or it is enabled and all exceptions are added to SQL Server(s).

Environment: I had an environment  consist of a two node SQL Cluster hosting ConfigMgr database and a separate ConfigMgr primary site server


Windows firewall service must be started on both SQL nodes and ConfigMgr itself . As soon as the service is started exceptions for TCP 1433 and 4022 must be added to SQL nodes firewall. After that the firewall profiles can be disabled using:

netsh advf set allp state off