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SCCM: SCCM 1511 does not download 1512, 1601 TP

I decided to test auto update technology introduced with SCCM CB (currently 1511). So, I enabled Service Connector, set it to online and restart SMS_DMP_Downloader. I check the dmpdownloader log and figured out updates cannot be found even though two builds 1512 and 1601 are available at this time…

After some head scratching I decided to install SCCM TP4 instead of RTM version of 1511 (the idea behind was – 1512 and 1601 are Technical Previews, so maybe it cannot be downloaded by RTM version?)

And it looks like it is right – in dmpdownloader.log I found an interesting line:


and after that SCCM TP4 download the latest SCCM update (in my case 1601).


So I guess you should have a Preview version to download/install/test Preview Builds Smile