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SCCM: SCUP 2011 on Windows Server 2016

found a nice post ( describing how to Install SCUP 2011 on Server 2016. Normally installation fails due to WSUS version check, but if you change WSUS version to  6.3.9600.1777 in registry (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup VersionString) for time of SCUP installation you can apparently finish SCUP installation. Of course without any support from MS Smile

or, as mentioned in the post comments just run SCUP .msi with /qb switch Winking smile

Meanwhile people continue to vote for this feature for SCCM CB here:

SCCM: Downloading updates fails zero percent complete

From Steve Thompson’s blog:

Examined a server recently that refused to download deployed security updates. This server was also a Distribution Point in a remote location. Further, this site is running CM Current Branch read more

SCCM: Be careful with Windows 10 Servicing Plans!

SCCM CB (Currently 1511) supports new Windows 10 Servicing model. There is an option to create a Custom Servicing Plan an deploy it to a collection od Windows 10 Computers.

This approach is similar to Automatic Deployment Rule for regular updates. It will automatically download and put the new builds in a Deployment package.

There is a huge surprise though:  Custom Servicing Plan will download/distribute to DPs all versions of the build (different languages and Windows Editions) regardless the language you selected during the Servicing Plan creation. Each build is currently ~2GB, so it will be significant amount overall. Not sure why MS decided to to that and where is their QC. Probably it is a part of a new policy when products are pushed to the market half-backed and tuned-up after.

At this point I would recommend do not use servicing plans, but just a right-click necessary build in build list, download/distribute this and only this build to deployment package/DP and deploy it to a collection the same way we do for regular updates.



Kent Agerlund also suggested to Decline all unnecessary builds in WSUS manually, in this case you should be able to use Custom Servicing Plans.

SCCM: The complete guide to Microsoft WSUS and Configuration Manager SUP maintenance

SCCM 2012: Access Denied while trying to download updates

I tried to download monthly updates to my Deployment Package. The attempt failed with Access Denied for all updates. It turned out that even my account is a local admin on the SCCM server I need to add it with Full rights to the source share (both NTFS and Share permissions) where my Deployment Package is located.


As soon as I added the account implicitly and granted rights to it SCCM successfully downloaded necessary updates to the Deployment package.

SCCM: Updates cannot be deployed due to WSUS improvements

Recently Microsoft published a WSUS update to support Windows 8 and Server 2012.  A lot of updates must be re-downloaded after that, otherwise they cannot be deployed.

Here is the way to fix it:

SCCM 2007: Apply hotfix described in

Lync: Phone Edition LG-8540 –Firmware Update

I recently found an old LG-Nortel 8540 and decided to put it to my Lync 2010 environment (all other phones are almost all Aastra).

The device had an old OCS 2007 RTM firmware: 1.0.522.101 (1.23). Apparently I am lucky – people with older firmware must to install OCS 2007 RTM in order to update the device firmware to this version ( Smile

Issue: My device successfully connected to Lync (with old firmware) but did not want to upgrade it to a recent one – 4.0.7577.410


1. I installed OCS 2007 R2 Std in my Lab. One server.

2. Updated it with the latest CU. UPDATE DATABASE FIRST! (

3. Download the latest firmware for LG 8540 for OCS 2007 R2 (3.5.6907.222 (1.23)) (

4. Install the update and approved it as described here:

5. Start the device and logged in as “\username” not just domain\username here is why:

7. Nothing happened – no updates!  Sad smile

8. tried to get update using IE /DeviceUpdateFiles_Int/UCPhone/LG-Nortel/IP8540/A/ENU/3.5.6907.0/CPE/CPE.nbt">http://<OCS FQDN>/DeviceUpdateFiles_Int/UCPhone/LG-Nortel/IP8540/A/ENU/
– got a blank page instead of the file.

8.1. Static Content feature was missed from IIS installation – installed it. Still nothing

8.2 Removed <mimeMap fileExtension=".cat" mimeType="binary/octet-stream" />  from c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\configuration\applicationHost.config and rebooted the server (just iisreset did not help)– I can download file successfully now. The solution was found here:

9. So do the device – successfully got the update.

10. I can monitor it in log files (I am using CMTRACE.exe from SCCM to see logs “live”)




11.As soon as the device was updated to 3.5.6907.222 I plugged the phone to my production network hoping it will accept 4.0.7555.4066 I have downloaded and approved for Lync as described in a nice Jeff’s article. Unfortunately it did not happened Sad smile

12. Some research leaded me to that thread and I realized I am not alone. It looks like due to cert issue LG 8540 cannot get the latest and greatest firmware (CU6, June 2012) and need to be upgraded to a previous (CU5, March 2012). The problem is the patch is not available anymore! All links point to CU6 even from CU5 KB. Luckily  Lync15 posted a link to his SkyDrive where he uploaded the old CU5. Whole thread is here direct link is here. Problem in details is described by Jeff here. Thank you guys!

13. I removed the latest firmware for LG 8540 from my Lync and published CU5 instead:


14. Restarted the phone and it successfully got 4.0.7577.4066 from Lync.

15. Now we can add CU6 Lync Device Updater and LG 8540 accepts it.


Reference: Jeff on Lync Phone Troubleshooting:

SCCM 2012: How to remove an Update installed via offline service

When you use Offline image servicing in SCCM you can add updates, but there is no clear way to remove them (for example if update is obsolete). You can do it manually using DISM. Step-by-step is here

SCCM 2012: Clients cannot install deployed update packs. Error 0x87D00692

Issue: SCCM Clients cannot install deployed updates.

Resolution: Check your deployment status either in console, or using SCCM report  (Software Updates – E Troubleshooting/Troubleshooting 2 – Deployment errors)


The cause of failure is “GPO conflict”. Domain GPO overwrites SCCM Client settings and points the machine to corporate WSUS server. That is why Client cannot use SUP for update evaluation. It is necessary to either set GPO settings for Intranet Windows Update Server to “Not Configured” and let SCCM client configure local policy properly or put SUP FQDN and port instead of WSUS into GPO. If you are in migration and not ready to repoint all machines to SCCM  you can configure GPO to repoint the settings to SCCM for SCCM clients only using WMI filter (see more here )

SCCM 2012: Software Update Download failed with ERROR: There was an error downloading the software update. (12029)

Issue: I tried to download updates creating a new Software Update Package using a remote SCCM console. SCCM created a folder for the first update under the Package Source folder, but could not download content – failed with ERROR: There was an error downloading the software update. (12029)

Resolution: I checked PatchDownloader.log located in %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Temp\3 folder and found the error saying the content cannot be downloaded from Microsoft Update site.

There is a proxy in the environment. I set proxy settings in IE and content was downloaded successfully.

Note: There is a Proxy Settings in properties of Software Update Point in SCCM. Do not forget to set it up if there is no direct connection to Microsoft Update sites from your SCCM SUP. This settings affects SUP/Microsoft synchronization process only!

To download Software Update Content you have to have proxy configured in IE on the machine you use to run the SCCM console. At least that solve the issue for me.