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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Setting resolution in WinPE 4.0

Windows 8 uses a new version of WinPE. Apparently the Winpe4.0 does not support 16-bit color depth anymore. So to change resolution you have to add the following to your unattend.xml:



The solution is found here

SCUP 2011 in multi-user environment

SCUP 2011 installs its database in a user folder during installation. As a result another user cannot use SCUP. I’ve got a bit of information on MMS 2012 how to bypass the behaviour:

1. Stop SCUP.

2. Copy scupdb.sdf from “%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\System Center Updates Publisher 2011\5.00.1727.0000” to a folder of your choice, for example “d:\System Center Updates Publisher 2011\5.00.1727.0000”

3. Edit Scup2011.exe.config file in SCUP installation folder to modify the following in the Application Settings key (the key is already there, but empty):

<setting name="SSCEDataFile" serializeAs="String">

4. Start SCUP; it should be accessible for multiple users now (with proper permissions of course).