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SCCM 2012: PXE boot fails with: PXE-53: No boot filename received

I recently work on a case when we need to configure PXE boot –enabled Distribution Point for SCCM 2012 clients. Server holding DP and clients are in different subnets, so the router should be configured with IP Helpers (aka DHCP relays) to forward BOOTP requests from bare-metal clients to the PXE DP.

Problem: We configured IP helper on the router, but  PXE clients got an error: PXE-E53: No boot filename received. Everything was working if we configured options 66 and 67 (PXE server IP and boot image name) on the Corp DHCP, but this way is not recommended by Microsoft.

Resolution: In addition to IP Helper we needed to configure bootp-gateway option on the router and set it with IP address of the router for desktop VLAN.

2 responses to “SCCM 2012: PXE boot fails with: PXE-53: No boot filename received

  1. acolon May 4, 2016 at 11:49 am

    What commands are you using to set the Bootp-gateway? I am trying to switch from DHCP options to ip helper. our DHCP server is running on the core router. When I remove the Bootfile line from the DHCP pool on the router I get the PXE-E53 error.

    • alex416 May 4, 2016 at 12:59 pm

      The beauty of IP-helper approach recommended by Microsoft is that you do not need to configure anything there – just set up IP helper pointing to your PXE-enabled DP (at that time you will probably have two IP-helpers, one pointing to your DHCP and the second – to DP). Open necessary DHCP and BOOTP ports if there is a firewall. That should be enough to PXE boot a bare-metal Client. As a troubleshooting step you can bring a Client to the same subnet as your DP (assuming you have DHCP on that subnet). See if your DP can provide image to the machine on the same subnet (it will exclude IP-helper). If that work – see IP-helper config. If not – check your DP config (boot image etc..)

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