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Windows To Go: Notes from MMS 2013

I attended a session related to Windows To Go at MMS 2013.


Important points:

1. Use either KMS or AD-based volume activation for WTG, MAK can be set, but does not have any sense since machine will be reactivated every time when a new hardware is used and it can exhaust your MAKs Smile

2. Add network (and if necessary USB)  drivers for all models WTG will be used on to be sure WTG will be able to get network.

3. Use AD offline domain join AND ask your users to use WTG on corpnet at least once (to be sure they have cached credentials).

4. Never use roaming profiles or folder redirections (with offline folders) for users who will use WTG – that may fill your USB stick very quickly. Workaround – configure a Primary Device for user in AD (A Windows 12 schema extension is necessary) and use GPO to use Roaming profiles and folder redirection on Primary Devices only.

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